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The transition from public to private, as well as trends such as decentralised generation, ‘smart energy meters’ and electric cars, leaves today’s energy sector facing a number of serious concerns:

  • reconstructing dated infrastructure, installations and networks;
  • increased outsourcing of the responsibility for complex technical projects;
  • the introduction of effective knowledge management;
  • giving form to professional commissioning.

ImProvia can help you with electrical engineering, service and  installation of power grids until 380 kV.


Various clients in the energy sector successfully lean on the holistic vision and multidisciplinary approach of our engineers and technical specialists for the successful fulfillment of their ambitions. This includes:

  • integrated design for energy stations, distribution networks  and/or switching stations;
  • a risk analysis regarding the possibility of breakdowns and the safety of the current infrastructure;
  • the upgrading of dated automation, power and driving systems;
  • increased safety for current installations;
  • higher performance of technical installations (availability and reliability);
  • total focus on your result.

If you are looking for an integrated design, system engineering and/or the realisation and management of projects, ImProvia’s highly qualified staff are always there for you.

The clear advantage to you of our integrated approach is an exciting, indeed rewarding combination of time, finances, quality and safety.


Questions? Pleas contact our Business Manager Corné van Dravik.