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ImProvia Eindhoven is specialized in systems engineering for the high-tech industry. We develop and manufacture advanced test equipment for our customers in the semi-conductor, aerospace, machine and automotive industries. Our fields of expertise are:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Software development

Our objective is to develop systems that meet your performance specifications and are reliable. We achieve this by using the latest technological developments, such as virtual prototyping and automatic code-generation. In addition, we use advanced modeling and simulation techniques to achieve the highest level of quality and reliability. Our services include: 

  • Development of advanced test equipment: concept development, prototyping and manufacturing
  • Software development: PLC software, embedded software, safety engineering
  • Modeling and simulations: stress and structural analysis, flow and thermal simulations

ImProvia has a wide supply chain with partners in the Netherlands and Poland.  This allows us to manufacture, integrate and deliver the systems in time.


Questions? Please contact one of our Business Managers.