Corporate story

Born from passion

One Friday afternoon in 2006, some friends were discussing. They tended towards the concurrence that too often clients are satisfied with general solutions.. However, when the average becomes the norm, progress grinds to a halt. Which is a pity and not good enough, they agreed on. Technology definitely provides solutions for many kinds of social issues. That this mission would ignite the passion of many like-minded people shortly, remained a ambitious dream. 

Driven by technology

The vision of the very first ImProvians was the beginning of an ambitious business plan. What would ImProvia offer? ‘One-stop-shopping’ for technical challenges, from design and commissioning to realization and maintenance. Things began to pick up just about instantly. Almost immediately, ImProvia was actively performing maintenance management for the leading organizations in the industry. To meet the growing demand, ImProvia extended it services by attracting project managers. Rapidly, ImProvia further expanded its service domains with an engineering department specialized in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and technical automation. They supply technical solutions which are actually applicable and solve issues. The professionals of ImProvia supply knowledge and capabilities to its customers that enhance successes. In the following years, the team of ImProvians quickly develops and ImProvia becomes the technical service partner in (high-tech) industry, infra and energy.

Focused on progress

ImProvia quickly notices that the changing market is providing new opportunities. The organization changes from a competence-based firm towards a regionally focused organization. ImProvia has established its offices in the customers’ area of operation. ImProvia is growing subsequently throughout the years by focusing more and more on turnkey projects and supplying services of the highest level. Moreover, ImProvia crosses its boundaries literally, by establishing and building multiple offices in Poland.

In the upcoming years, ImProvia remains the focus on projects and services in (high-tech)industry, infra and energy. The team, meanwhile consisting of over 170 ImProvians, grows year after year and due to the expansion of knowledge and expertise, ImProvia is able to constantly work on better solutions. Innovative solutions that meet the increasing demands for technical installations. In a world full of technical opportunities is ImProvia realizing the impossible and provides technicians a prestigious stage to act on.